Considering Swedish Designer Watches

Having a watch that really stands out can do wonders for any outfit. While having a fashionable watch on your wrist may look good on the outside, the quality of the watch itself is just as important. If you’ve never considered a Swedish designer watch, you’ve seriously been missing out. Don’t let the phrase “designer” fool you; these watches go beyond looking fancy and “high-end” and are truly finely crafted timepieces. You’d think that a watch like this would cost an arm and a leg but if you do your “retail research” you’re bound to find a Swedish designer watch that fits within your budget.

In my search for a new watch I browsed through many different brands that ranged in price from about $50 to over $200. The market for designer watches includes prices that go way beyond the $200 price point but this is where my budget lies so I stuck with this as my max. I didn’t want just a pretty watch, I wanted something that was made well and would last for more than just a year or so. Some of the brands I considered were Fossil, Citizen and Northman Lengi. Fossil is an American company but their watches are actually made in China. Citizen watches, I found, are mostly made in Japan with some strap components made in China as well.

The bottom line when it comes to choosing a watch should really be all about what you think looks best on you! Whether it’s a quality Swedish designer watch, a cheap “fashion” watch to match a specific outfit or a more utilitarian watch just for keeping time, your options are virtually endless. With all the various brands, models, materials and colors, your only challenge will be choosing the watch that fits your budget and your style, perfectly.