Exclusive Bedding at a Discount

You know you’re in the market for a new bed linen set when you see the price tag: it’s expensive, and it’s exclusive. But sometimes, the price is justifiable. Bedding experts agree that it’s not uncommon to see an all cotton bed linen set priced at a minimum of $100, with accompanying duvet covers and pillowcases in sets of four or five. Most linen sets still come in traditional two-pocket patterns and button-down fronts, but there are also a growing number offering zebra or patterned bed covers. The luxury linens from The White Plot are available in solid colors and solid patterns, with more unusual shades like hot pink or baby blue becoming increasingly popular for upscale shoppers.

Linen bedding is among the most durable of bedding and can be expected to last for years. That durability is coupled with extreme comfort, from ultra-soft cotton to super thick Egyptian cotton. The fabrics used are also highly durable and are capable of withstanding extreme heat. In fact, many Egyptian cotton bed sets are now considered a form of temperature therapy. The top price ranges for bed linens are typically between ten to fifteen dollars, with the range going up to twenty dollars to thirty dollars.

Of course, some luxury sets do offer a number of options beyond the basics. The price goes up to eighty dollars for bed skirts and shams, and there are other add-ons, like matching duvet covers or duvet-style pillows. Some luxurious bedding companies feature “signature” patterns or colors, like the black and white British Blue Bedding, or the Irish Red Rose Bedding. Such bedding is more difficult to find, since retailers dealing in mass quantity usually mark up the price without giving any reason.

Those who can afford exclusive bed linen need only visit high-end retailers that offer name brand products. They generally offer the best quality and the best craftsmanship. For instance, Silhouette Bedding sells bedding for six hundred dollars a piece. However, even such expensive bedding is not beyond the reach of most people.

Most people will not have the resources to buy Silhouette bed linen, because the fabric is so expensive. However, it is not impossible. It only takes a bit of sleuthing to discover a reasonably priced bed linen set at a quality establishment. For example, dollar stores often carry bed linens for a fraction of the price at which high-end stores charge.

Many manufacturers produce excellent quality bed linen. Bedspreads produced by brands like Mackitton and John Hancock are both stylish and durable. Their bed linens often feature the signature logos of these designers. The problem, however, is that many of these branded bedding items are not manufactured in large quantities. A great deal of time must be spent in the production process, and there are often large number of defects present in these goods.

Some may say that purchasing exclusive bed linen is not practical because one will not have it for a long period of time. This argument may hold true. However, it is possible to purchase these items, when they are on sale, from online vendors. At these discounted prices, one is still able to get a high quality product that features the logo or other design of the designer.

If one wishes to buy exclusive bed linen sets, it is important to know how to shop for them. One must look for vendors that offer discounts at a time when the stock of the bedding items is low. One should also make sure that the vendor is reputable. A great way to ensure that the bed linen is of high quality is to check the expiry date. If the set is not available, one can always make other plans.